Versatile trailerable sailboat

This site has been created and maintained by Chebacco enthusiasts since 1994 and is the most comprehensive source of information on the boats and the adventures their owners have in them.  The archives are now indexed and searchable or you can just browse the last 28+ years of posts.

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Chebaccos are a family of camp cruiser sailboats designed by Phil Bolger (1927-2009), one of the world’s most prolific and innovative boat designers. Chebacco boats are commonly, but not exclusively, home built.  The majority of Chebacco boats are 19’8″ cat yawl rigged double chine ply construction, but other versions include lapstrake construction, cold moulded construction, cruising cabins, raised decks and a 25′ version.  Chebacco boats continue to be built, sailed and enjoyed across the globe.


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